Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

So yesterday was Ryan's 29th birthday and we had a blast. As he says, he is holding onto his 20's by the skin of his teeth ha ha. That is true. He better make this last year of having a 2 in front of his age count!! I feel like time goes by way too fast these days... It makes me sad.

We had so much fun opening presents in the morning, riding up the ski lift at Sundance, making treats, dinner at Tucanos, and cake and ice cream afterwards at our house. Ryan scored with tons of sweet presents. Thanks everyone who came and celebrated with us. It was so fun!

Happy Birthday Ry-Dogg!! You are the best husband in the whole world! Love you!


Alli Easley said...

YAY! We love Ryan. Like, a lot. The end. Oh wait, we love you too, Laur! K, bye.

Bree :--) said...

So cute! Ummm, I want to eat ALL that food, right now! Super yummy. Wish we were there! I can't believe you're married to an almost 30 year old. Sheesh;)

aubrey said...

happy birfday ry. love you guys.