Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Are We Coming To...

Ok, so Romney is out, only Democrats are left (including Mr. Lame-Poo-Stain John McCain, D-Arizona), people don't seem to care about their country, football is over, Arby's doesn't have Homestyle fries anymore, AND the groundhog saw his shadow. Dang you Punxsutawney Phil and your miraculous power to make winter continue. I never really noticed how a rodent can influence the way I dress, pretty incredible actually. But ya know, I decided that just because things don't always happen like I think they should, life is still pretty dang fun.

I mean, like President Hinckley said, "I've never been more optomistic about the future". And he was and is a prophet and could forsee so much. So why not go about my day and have fun, even when I know the rest of the world wants to throw itself in the trash. They can elect a reject to run the country, only serve curly fries which I just discovered, make TV's too expensive for me, and all that junk... But life is still good. Cause hey, Cafe Rio is still tasty, Slurpees are as good as ever, I rented my basement out, BJ's has pazooki's (Cookies and Cream can't be beaten) and I'm dating possibly the cutest girl ever. And when I take Lauren to the movies, guess whats there to accompany our date...Cherry Coke. See, good stuff is everywhere. Oh ya, this one time like two days ago we went to the dollar theater and I made her put this gallon of Simply Lemonade in her purse and sneak it in... it was awesome. People were so jealous of my citrus enjoyment, I could tell even in the dark. But that's just the point, so many good things. So when life is crap and so many bad things are happening aound you, life is dealing out lemons... Go ahead and just buy yourself a thing of Simply Lemonade at your local store and it'll put a big ol smile on your mug. Especially when its snuck in a theater. Thanks Lauren.