Sunday, July 19, 2009


My wife is a great booker. Thats a noun. " '\bu-ker\' ; n. Someone who engages in prolonged periods of reading the lives and stories of others either through the printed page or the internet portal known as Facebook." A great booker I tell you. I honestly wish that I could match her in this gift of hers but for some reason I just can't get motivated to do it. Its my only personal flaw that I'm aware of...although others say they've found a few. Like I was told the other day not to pick my nose in public...but its so dang dry in the AZ and it feels so good to get one of those itchy dudes out. But this blog is not about my picking...thats for the most part under control. Although there will be some other "picking" to come...

So like I said, Lauren is into books and Facebook. And I envy that. And I'm pretty sure everyone else besides my parents and I have a Facebook thing too. But at least my parents read books. Its so hard for me to get into a good book. And even more, the overwhelming task of getting a Facebook account and the amount of time I'll have to devote to the initial addiction which is sure to come (the "I have 4 new friends! Who are these new, click" etc. etc.) and maintenance of the site is daunting. Hauntily daunting. Like scary almost. Plus I dont know about everyone on the planet poking me and bein all up in my bidnass, ya know?!

But Lauren, she's a master. She can read a couple books a week and tell me all about them and be all excited to read them til the end. She just cuddles up with her blankie that she's had since she was 6 months old and intensely reads away. And in-between chapter breaks she can seemlessly Login to The Facebook and see everyone's life and pics and drama and live it up there too with lots of, "Are you serious's" and "She's engaged?!'s" a ton of "eww!!!'s" and some "Look at this!!'s" name a few.

I wish I was a booker is what I'm sayin. I read scriptures and I love the FoxNews and ESPN apps on my phone and I'll read those everyday...but apps are not books so the only book in those readings is the sciptures, which I must say to my credit is a pretty good book to read. I just lack that motivation to get down and dirty and "book" like so many of you guys that read these blogs do. Even my cousin who swore off Facebook as a foolish time-waster just signed up I heard...I wouldn't have known he did of course other that Lauren is now his "friend". As if they already weren't family. Gosh. Brock.

Anyhoo this is booking in action:

Notice the Booker's joy in her booking. And also how she picks her feet. There's the "picking" I said you'd see later. A subconscious thing she has I think. Just weird to me that someone so beautiful does that. Foot dust all up on that couch now.

In this next image the Booker has obviously come to a plot twist which she of course had already known would happen because of her intense skills in deducing these sort of things.

Here the Booker is trying to picture the hero as a muscle clad version of her husband. She doesn't have to try very hard. She knows how Pepsi tightens up his abs.

And finally, booking can be a "no joke" serious venture. Like they get mad for some reason when you steal their book and try to wrestle.

So, after all is said and done, I've decided to be like my wife and take up booking so I stop missing out. And since we just saw that new Harry Potter movie, and since I've seen em all and read none of the books, I've decided to read the final series-ending one. So I'll start tomorrow most likely. Except Facebook maybe another day... and Lauren just showed me the Harry Potter book... looks pretty thick.