Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dang Hill...The Last Dang Time

So last Thursday I took my last test of all BYU-dom and walked for the last time down that dang hill. Ya know, I thought I was going to be sad for some reason, cause I loved my BYU time and the classes were a blast...but nope, no sadness here. Not even a bit, no tears shed. I was all smiles as I walked down those dang stairs on the way back to my car around 8 pm on Thursday. In fact, I was so elated on the way down that I had to stop and say a prayer and thank Heavenly Father that this was the last time I had to ascend this dangged slope...and of course for everything else He had done for me in college...but my heart was really into that first part. I was so excited that this was the last time I had to climb up the Dang Hill (A.K.A. Rape Hill or the stairs south of campus) and that I never had to do it again unless for some reason I decided to out of my own free choosing.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind going down the hill at all, its quite enjoyable actually...mainly because as you are walking down you are very keenly aware that if you taking steps in the downward direction that expressly means that you are not climbing the hill, which makes the walk so nice and enjoyable. But really, the hill is beautiful. It has hundreds of different kinds of trees, even a Giant Sequoia, and tons of flowers and all that. So it looks like a totally different place from Provo as you are coming DOWN the hill. As you walk up the hill, all you can see is the dang steps and reliaze that you are SO late to class and how you need to stop eating crap food and get in shape dang it! But the way down is quite beautiful, so beautiful in fact that you need to go get some Wendy's and a Slurpee to keep enjoying the moment...and the cycle continues...oh wait, no it doesn't! Thursday was it! Haaaaa!

Anyway, I loved BYU. I'm sure I'll still go up there and sneak into some religion classes and check out the freshman in the library or somethin (actually people watching in the library could be one of the best activities on the whole dang planet). And I'll still go to the football games as long as they don't suck...cause I'm a fairweather fan who wears a UNLV shirt to all the games anyway. It was all fun. But it's time to finally make some cash!!! Dang it.