Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So Laur and I were driving down State Street in Orem havin a good ol' time. We had just gotten a Red Box (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatbulbs) as well as some 4 for $2 candy cause we were gunna watch that movie in style. So we are driving and Laur says...

Laur: "Ryan! Did you just toot?! Eeew. Ryan." (She commences to roll down her passenger window with much haste.)

Me: "What? No. I don't even smell anything," I said, taking a quick draw of air to see what she's talkin about. (It is Orem State street ya know, so there is always weird stuff in the air there. But nope, our windows were up.)

Me: "I didn't even hear a sound, did you?" Thinking that maybe I let one slide without thinking about it, cause that sometimes happens.

Laur: "No, but it really stinks!"

A sudden realization hits me... This is broccoli brand. Lauren had just eaten chips with refried beans, cheese, hot sauce... and some raw broccoli to make the meal healthy.

Me: "Laur! You just burped!... Like a minute ago right?!? Siiiiiiiick. That was not me, and that was not a toot!" (I now roll my window down with great haste and take in some deep draws.)

Lauren is now laughing uncontrollably because she realizes she did in fact burp a deep burp, she did in fact eat raw broccoli earlier, and that the smell was indeed the broccoli brand.

Now I'm laughin. Cause that's funny. And sick. But more funny...cause for once it wasn't me and it was bad enough that Laur just thought I ripped a wallpaper peeler.

Oh man. This is what marriage is about. I love it. Good times for sure.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Things

So as most of you know, if you are ever with me, the two things that I have been complaining about the whole semester... my internship and online class. The last and final two things in my way before I graduate from BYU in April.

I really have had it pretty easy this semester; going to my internship and working on my online class. Everyone, especially my sister, dies about how much I complain about my only two things. But you must know why I dislike these two things SO much.

1. I guess I can see that the end is in sight and I must have SEVER senioritis

2. My internship is in all the way in Salt Lake. I drive there during rush hour at 7 and drive home at rush hour at 5. Yuck. (12 hour days)

3. I am in the Epidemiology Bureau, Department of Communicable Diseases and Prevention Program at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) for my internship.

4. #3 is significant because in this bureau I work with HIV/AIDS, STDs, Hepatitis C, and sometimes TB stuff. Yeah, most of you would think that sounds really cool, which some of it really is, but I just do not want to work with this stuff longer than my internship. I have to go counsel and test usually gay men, prostitutes, drug users, or anyone else at risk, for HIV. Not that any of these people are bad at all, I have made some great friends there, and it is actually fun, but just totally out of my element. In this counseling session we talk about all the super fun things in life about how to prevent getting HIV. If you know anything about how these diseases are spread then you may know just a slight amount of what we talk about with these people. We have to be extremely graphic and straight forward. If you would like to know more about these graphic things that we talk to them about, email me. So if you know me at all... this whole thing is just kinda completely out of my element. It is gross, scary, and makes me totally nervous. Not to mention I had to get trained to give positive results to someone who tests positive for HIV. Um no thanks. I would rather not give these life changing results, find all of their partners, etc. when I dont even like talking about the prevention. HIV prevention really is a GREAT thing. You should get tested:)

4. Half the time at the health dept. I sit there super bored acting like I am doing lots of stuff for 10 hours (luckily I can work on my dreaded online class)

5. I am working on calling every substance abuse center in the whole state for a survey we are doing for Hep C. There are hundreds

6. My online class (English 316) has to be done by April 2. Final taken and everything. I started it January 11. Stupidest thing I have ever done. NEVER take online classes.

7. I have to get all the assignments for my online class done before I can request the final. Which takes 2 weeks until you can take it. So this means by next week, everything has to be completed and turned in.

8. I hate this online class a million times more than my internship. It is the only online class I have ever taken in my life.

9. Internship notebook, final papers, projects all have to be turned in April 13! Didn't know this until the middle of the semester so recently I have been going to salt lake to sit there for 30 hours a week to get it done.

10. Due to the fact that I have weird deadlines for both things, I look at the calender EVERY DAY, probably 20 times a day. I calculate my hours I need done for each day, everyday. Like it changes?

11. Finally, my semester isn't really that bad... I just am so close, about 3 1/2 weeks. Then we can play, go to AZ all we want, and go on fun vacations. Hooray for spring time!! Our tulips are coming up everywhere!! I love them.

12. I can't wait for everyone to come up to Utah for graduation in April!!! Only a few more weeks! Yay!

On a happy note. I had an amazing birthday!! Thank you everyone for all of your nicest happy birthday's and fun presents. I loved them all. It was seriously like christmas. So many presents and they still keep coming. Our car is also finally back and fixed and I love it so much. Don't ask how much it cost... And Ryan rocks.

Love Lauren