Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Not Finished Yet....!!!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I wasn't the most "careful" kid when I was growing up. I found a certain amount of joy riding in the car on the way to the hospital to get stitched up by my favorite nurses. I never really understood why you needed to look before you leaped cause clearly leaping is so much fun and looking wastes so much recess time. Maybe thats why I have big calves too, don't know. But apparently I wised up and haven't done any self-inflicted cranial damage in quite sometime. Whelll, yesterday I finally got sick and tired of not having any fresh face damage and decided that a metal rigid steel grinding brush would be the perfect thing to re-live all those good times and have some fun!! Boy oh boy did I have some fun, who needs Disneyland when you can do this...
Ya, I know, doesn't get much more fun than that. Luckily, the grinder flew back at my face at about mach-8 so it hit so hard it numbed me right up. After a quick "s" bomb and a quick check to make sure all my teeth were still in my head and that my eyes were still working (my protective glasses were thrown about 15 feet off my hizead), I finally got to laugh, just like the good ol days. The best part was that so many people got to laugh with me. Eric, who was standing right by me in fact, was so stoked about my return to childhood that instead of asking if I was ok and if he could help, said, "Hey, wait right there, and don't wipe the blood off! I got to get the camera so we can get this on tape!" That's what big bros are fo. I'll post the tape as soon as we get it downloaded, so all can enjoy. I know the people at Home Depot sure enjoyed looking at my oozing face complete with 40+ half circle cuts. I saw one little boy look at me with such jealousy due to the fun I obviously had the his mouth dropped open and he ran to his older brother and said. "Did you see his face! Wow! What did he do?!" One day he'll catch the vision of what having a good time is all about...I'm just glad I was there to start that boy's desire to go have his own fun. Anyway, moral of the story, grinding steel can be a good time, especially since you won't have to shave and BYU can't argue with you about it. Haaaaa! Latea crackas.

Monday, March 12, 2007

We Are Two Wild and Crezy Guys!!!

So not only are we hot and good looking guys now, but we were some sexy beasts back then too!! OK, OK, so maybe Brock and I are digressing in our good looks, but it's good to remember the good ol' days of busted up foreheads and blond afros. These were the days of bombs we made by filling up Pepsi bottles full of dirt, then lighting a fuse we put in it and running as fast as out little legs would carry us. We learned that even if I thought cashews were good, they'd make Brock swell up like a balloon and pass out til he's almost "walking toward the light". It's fun to light fires. Its scary to run from parents who see us lighting those fires. Walking to 7-11 everyday is good exercise. Eating a cake that you know has egg whites in it is a bad idea. Crackin your skull helps you get to know the medical staff at the "hosible" real well. "Hey look Aunt Sue, look how good I can swim" he gradually sinks into the deep end. However, laying down on the hot concrete pavement is a great way to dry off after a good swim. Nintendo is a member of the family...and we spent alot of "family time" downstairs. Since when were fireworks just for the 4th of July? Aren't they for whenever you find them?!

We learned that Field Day is the best day, no matter if you're gold or maroon, but it seemed like maroon always won. The bike rodeo was also pretty dang rad. It was good to make friends with kids who had hot air balloons cause we sure as frick weren't gettin one of those. And it's also fun to go fight friends just because Eric tells us to. Going to work with our dad's was so much fun...til we actually had to work, then it sucked. You can find all sorts of crap when you walk around in the desert all day. And you can expect to find a butt whoopin when you walk all the way to Ed Fountain Park with your two little sisters who got heat exaustion from the expedition.

But, all these lessons and experiences lead to just a few things...everything good back then is still good now, except for those cashews, they're still bad. Big gulps eh?? Well, see ya later!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Glory Days Fo All Ya'll

So the music definitely fits the year... I'm not sure if its George Dare, the "Runnin Rebel Fever" guy, singing this, but it's pretty cheesy/rad. Is George Dare gay? And I just remember KJ having a huge crush on Anderson Hunt. She still has a little jungle fever in her.

Rebels are DANCIN babay!!

So UNLV is finally back in the big tournament and should be ranked pretty dang well too. Maybe if we're lucky we'll face off with sorry ace Duke in the second or third round, and deliver them a long awaited butt kicking. Anyway, my mom was in the room when UNLV beat BYU and she was not too happy with me for not cheering for the Church school and the school I actually attended. But hey, now I get to wear RED on Monday and instigate all day! I have a 40 minute presentation in one of my classes and I can't wait to be sportin' Rebel clothes as the BYU fans in the class will undoubtedly still be a little butt hurt about the loss tonight. Anyway, lets do a bracket tournament or somethin. Who's in? REEEEEEEBBBBEEELLLLLSSSS!!!! Talk amongst yourselves...I'll give you a topic...People here always say "Go Cougs". What in theee hell is a "coug"? ...Discuss.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dreams are so weird

So last night I had this dream where I was supposed to get married in the Las Vegas Temple and I wasn't excited at all. In fact, I was so unenthused that I didn't remember to tell anyone about it. So I started to text people to let'em know that I was getting married at 8 pm that night. So Taylor, who was in the room, texts me back and says, "I'm so glad you're finally growing up, have a great wedding!" And so I put the phone down and said, "Uh, are you not going to come?" And he was all, "Nah, I've got to take Mandy out." I was jealous cause I didn't want to go to my wedding either. Then Brock didn't wanna come, and my mom was even deciding on whether or not to miss Law and Order to come. So as I thought about it, I remembered a dream I had a few months ago (which was so real and a story in and of itself!) where I didn't want to get hitched to this one chick and ditched her in the sealing room while all our family was there...and so I thought, I better just call my fiance, whoever she was, and tell her I wasn't going to make it cause I wanted to go to Macayos and get some food, cause lets be honest, how often am I in Vegas and I better get some chips and salsa while I'm there?! Anyway, I woke up and felt bad, cause I was craving Macayos and it wasn't there.

So the dream might not be that weird, but I remembered it all pretty clearly and I left out the parts about Chad inventing a helicopter-TV system where a small heckticopter is carrying a TV so that you can watch it anywhere. And I left out the red shag carpet was the coolest thing to have and mustard wallpaper was making a comeback as well. That's just weird.

P.S. I really don't have a fear of commitment and think marriage will be fun...just for all you psycho-analyzing weirdos who think this dream might say somethin about me.