Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Doin's and Go-in's

Hey everybody! all who we know and to all you guys that show up on our map thing on the bottom of our page that we don't know. Its all good, Lauren is all about blog-stalking, so just as long as you are the kind of stalkers that leave money under pillows and leave presents under trees, than go ahead and peer inside our windows from our lawn. So here goes...

This Christmas season has been a blast so far. Lets see... We scalped tickets to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, we saw the Temple Square lights, and no more that 12 minutes ago did we pull the E-brake in our car to do a 180 ice-slide in our neighborhood intersection on our newly fallen Christmas season snow. That last one was to spite the old lady who lives on the corner of our street that flips me off weekly for not stopping completely at the stop sign... in the intersection that sees 7 cars an hour. I do slow down and look both ways... the old lady must think I'm #1 is all.
So we went to the First Presidency Devotional and it was great as always. We didn't have tickets so my buddy Brady and I stood out front and yelled, "We need tickets for our wives!" and in seriously 4 seconds I was handed 2 tickets. Then we realized we lied and those two tickets were for us, and we needed two more for our dates, so we yelled again and this guy came up and gave us 14 more tickets! 16 tickets in 30 seconds! Not bad. So I yelled, "I've got 12 tickets!", obviously meaning to give away. Instead of thankful people I heard, "You can't be serious", and "How do you sleep at night"... to which I responded, "Mostly on my side and on my face". You see, I can't fall asleep on my back, weird huh, I always try...but nope. Then I yelled that the tickets were free and to quit bein weird, so we just gave the tickets to an Usher (not thee performing artist Usher, that'd be crazy though if he were there don't ya think?! I mean, what if he was investigating the Church and went to see the Prophet speak?! Awesome.), and we walked in.
It was the perfect meeting to help us feel the Christmas Spirit and President Monson and his counselors were amazing. Then, as we were leaving our killer seats at the bottom of the Conference Center, guess who is standing in front of us... Glenn Beck. I bet you guessed him, but I thought I'd say anyway. So I reached out my hand and said, "Hi Brother Beck!" and we chatted for a sec. Nice guy and great radio show...#3 in the U.S.!
K, so this post would be forever long if I tried to describe everything so maybe I'll just try pictures and a brief commentary...

- Here Lauren and I had floor seats with other friends at the "Delta Center" when BYU beat Utah State. As you can see in the picture, we lost our voices from screaming at the other fans and players. Tons of fun. And I'm positive that I've heard that if you swear at sporting events it doesn't count. I hope thats true.

- Here are the Temple Square lights...always classic. And freezing. And if you think these lights are impressive, look at this next picture!!!

I know right?!?! Can you say saaaawweeeet!!! Well you kinda have to be right in front of it, like right across the street from it, like live across the street from it and drive past it many times a day, and hear the scary Santa talk and wave as you or anything that moves goes really get the granduer of this display of Christmas Joy. Yep, the North Pole inflates every year. But this next

This house is seriously amazing. These pictures maybe get about half the trees they have lit. Seriously amassing. Laur and I were just driving around looking for lights to look at and I saw the tips of a few trees and so we turn the corner...and sha-blam. 5 acres of lights. Sorry Temple Square, you got beat. And I doubt these guys used free missionary labor to put up the lights...I'm guessing an army of otra personas if you know what I'm sayin...cause these were done so dang good that I doubt any missionary could do that. Anywho, go to 400 East and about 1350 North in Orem to see these suckers. They turn off around 10:30 though.
We built this. Now what ya'll... Thats right.

And finally........................

Lauren trying to catch The Christmas Spider! Its a tradition we have. Every family should have Christmas traditions. The End!