Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Lo-Down

So this is my very first blog post thing hah and I am just figuring out how to do everything. Ryan and I decided it was about time post about our wedding even though it was over a month ago. It is awesome finally being married and getting all of the wedding plans and stuff over with. It is so much work and I am just happy that I can HELP with others now and not be the one getting married. I really did love it though. It was so fun having everyone come down to Mesa and be there with us. I hope that everyone was able to have fun. Thanks so much for all who helped with everything and brought stuff down for us! I also have so so many pictures that the photographer took of everyone there that I can get copies for you if you want, just let me know!

So the actual day of our wedding went pretty smooth I guess... well as good as it can go in a house full of girls. Ha ha we all cried for the first couple hours and I had to put frozen bags of vegtables on my eyes so they wouldn't be so puffy while my cousins did my hair. The ceremony was amazing and I loved seeing everyone there with us. It couldn't have been better. Luckily there was no opportunities for passing out this time... The day flew by and the reception turned out amazing. We were so nervous about the monsoons coming but there was not a drop of rain. All of the decorations and small things ended up coming together and it looked amazing thanks to all the help from all family. I couldn't have done it without them. Ha ha even down to the video on the wall that showed pictures of Eric instead of Ryan. We finally got done standing in line and left about twenty minutes later... No food or getting to really enjoy the reception. I don't recommend that at all. We left the next morning, bright and early to Cancun, wich ryan wants to write about for the next post... It was amazing! Anyway, even though this is a little late we just wanted to tell a little about it and tell everyone thanks for all the help and coming out of your way to support us. We love you!

Wedding Pictures!! Finally...