Friday, January 8, 2010

The Last 6 Months

So I guess we like to wait 6 months between each post now... Here are just some pictures and stuff of what has been going on in our lives since the summer. It is a really really long post, so beware!

Ryan did lots of golfing and fishing with his dad...

This one is golfing with his mission president and his son
We finally got to fixing up the outside of our house... Mostly that was Ryan too :)

Ryan's 28th birthday

We won the "Good Neighbor Award"

My family visited over their October break

We went to the Thanksgiving Point corn maze and festival and carved pumpkins

Lacie, Jenny, and I threw Raeg a little bridal shower up here with all the friends still in Utah...

Thanksgiving time we went down to AZ for the first part of the week to get ready for Raegan's wedding. We then drove up to Vegas to be with Ryan's family for Thanksgiving and drove back to AZ the next day for the wedding dinner and to finish reception stuff. It was a crazy break!

Finished my last semester of finals!!! Yay!! We went to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Program at the conference center. It was so amazing!

Christmas time we went down to AZ! We saw some movies, ate tons of food, hung out with friends and family, rode the light rail, got tons of fun presents, even the cutest baby puppy in the whole world, and tons of other fun things. All in the 75 degree weather! So nice!

New Years we went to dinner with Eric, Bree, Kjersten, and Kevin, then we went and saw Sherlock Holmes, then watched the fireworks by Tempe town lake.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

Your 6 months sounds fabulous! So much happiness :)

Lyd said...

Long post!? That wasn't a long post!! haha That would be my blog. ;D

aubrey said...

i miss you two SO much. make new york a part of your next six months. :)

Bree :--) said...

Love it all! I wish we could see you guys all the time! Someday. Hope the internship is all you ever dreamed of:). Your house looks great, I know you guys put in a lot of time!!

-KJ said...

Um, I really need to blog. Good thing you and Bree have helped cover some of our activities! I miss that baby Bella!

Your house looks so great in that picture.

What We Love said...

Hi Lauren! It's so good to run across your blog! You look amazing and it was fun to see what you've been up to.

Anonymous said...