Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Stuff!

OK Ryan is supposed to blog about the auction and our honeymoon for real this time... we will see if it happens:) So it was Ryan's 27th birthday on Monday!! Holy smokes that's a lot of years to be alive! I guess not really, but it was fun! He has had about four different small birthday things over the last couple days. He opened presents in the morning, the afternoon, at dinner that night, then Jason brought over the yummiest ice cream cake for him, and some the next day. Seriously no one is going to be able to think of things to get him for Christmas. Well at least a fun big thing! With all the birthday treats and stuff I swear we eat one thing and then another one comes right before the other one is finished. Of course I eat 90% of them... Special. Anyway, our first couple months being married has been so much fun and I love it so much. Ryan is the BEST and I hope he had the best birthday ever! Love you Ry!!

My sister Shanni and her friend Clara also just got here today! It is so fun. We have tons of fun things planned for the few days that they are here. They are so cute, they flew here with just them two to come see us and Clara's sister Hannah. Mom, there will be pics up of everything everyday:)

So one thing I am really sad about is the cold starting to come... I had to break out all my sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. YUCK. The winters seriously last forever here!! Ha we haven't written about anything in so long, but one funny thing that Ryan and I went to a few weeks ago was the national sheep dog championships! Ha ha so crazy/amazing. We were just driving to look at some homes in Midway and we were curious to see what it was. Come to find out it was a HUGE deal. People from all over the world were there and it was packed. It was amazing to see a dog run all the way up the whole mountain and bring like 18 sheep around the course on the mountain. I never knew it was such a big deal for people. It was definitely interesting!

Oh and we just got called to be the 14/15 year old Sunday school teachers in our ward! We are both really excited! Hopefully it will be a fun class. We meet in a ward building that was built in 1898!! So so old. I love it.

Here are a few random pics of all the stuff goin on...


-KJ said...

Happy b-day bro!!! You know you're totally my favorite little brother, right? Sorry we missed dinner Monday. Hope you guys had fun!

So the real party has officially started today! Ry is seriously outnumbered! Hope you guys have a blast while they are here!

Lyd said...


How fun!! And I have always wanted to go to that sheep dog thing! I think that that would be so much fun to see!!

And good luck with your class! Let us know how that goes! ;D

Bree :--) said...

How funny, now KJ and Kev, Eric and I, and you guys all teach youth Sunday school! Oh so fun. I think you guys will really like it, but 14-15 I swear is the worst age!

Yes, have tons of fun with your sis...and forget about homework for awhile:)

-KJ said...

Outnumbered by girls in their house!

I have always wanted to see one of those sheep dog shows too. However, I would secretly be hoping someone would have a pig that could herd.

Our 14-15 year olds are naughty!!! The bishopric just had to meet with the Sunday School presidence, all the boys, and their parents!!!!!!!! Seems a little better now. I have to admit that they are really funny though.

Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

ha ha that is crazy we all are going to be teaching the same thing. What!! Oh no... I really hope ours are good. It is a goofy age for sure.

Yep ryan is definitely out numbered ha ha. One of my sisters always is here or a cousin or something so he pretty much is probably getting used to it:)

BJ and Alexis Gremillion said...

You guys look and sound like you are having so much fun! I hate the cold too Lauren I guess you'll just have to move back to Arizona some day and move close to us and then we can do fun things together in the warm weather!

Shanni said...

Hey Ry-Dog!!!!!!
Y A F A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Bomb said...

Love the blog! Keep posting, I am totally enjoying learning about your life!! How many people live in your cute little house? Looks like a big family!
Happy (late) Birthday to Ryan!

Stephanie King said...

I love that you went to a sheep herding thingy. I did that when I was in Ireland -- big deal there too cuz we had to make a stop i guess. It's impressive. Congrats on being married to both of you!

Ryan: write about Cancun already! I wanna hear about it!

Eliza said...

I tagged you Lauren! Go to my blog to see what you need to do.

Oh and I'm a jerk! happy late b-day ryan honey!

Morgan said...

:( i really wish i could've been up there with my sisters!! and ryan! ha i miss you so much! come visit soon!

Anonymous said...